Structure and performance characteristics of composite membrane

Structure and performance characteristics of composite membrane


Structure of composite membrane:

Double-layer composite, such as PT/PE, paper/aluminum foil, paper/PE, PET/PE, PVC/PE, NY/PVDC, PE/PVDC, PP/PVDC, etc.

Three-layer composite such as BOPP/PE/OPP, PET/PVDC/PE, PET/PT/PE, PT/AL/PE, wax/paper/PE aluminum foil composite film, etc.

Four-layer composite, such as PT/PE/BOPP/PE, PVDC/PT/PVDC/PE, paper/aluminum foil/paper/PE, etc.

Five-layer composite, such as PVDC/PT/PE/AL/PE, etc.

Six-layer composite, such as PE/paper/PE/AL/PE/PE, etc.

What are the performance characteristics of composite membrane?

Excellent mechanical function: tensile strength, elastic modulus, elongation, etc. that meet user requirements.

Suitable viscosity: easy to stick and tear;

Long storage period: long storage time and good quality in the warehouse;

Good weather resistance: long service life under the condition of sunlight exposure;

The peeling force is stable: the smaller the change over time, that is, the smaller the rising range of the peeling force, the better;

Pollution resistance and corrosion resistance: the adhesive is inert and will not react with the surface of the adhered material.