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Laminating film introduction

Publish Time: 2016-12-27

Brief Info: Laminating film

Composite membrane materials including any possible materials, such as in metal oxide ceramic membranes or on the pes microporous membrane with aromatic polyamide film on its plate film or roll film with nonwoven fabric enhanced to support microporous membrane, and the pressure is not hollow fiber membrane. Preparation methods are classified into four categories: (1) layer, first method was very thin film, the density of the homogeneous pressure and microporous membrane in support, (2) leaching, besmear of polymer solution apply microporous membrane extraction, and desiccation, also can take active monomers or pre-polymer leaching solution apply microporous membrane, hot or radiation curing, (3) plasma vapor deposition, using plasma glow that microporous membrane surface density of supporting the homogeneous membrane, (4) interfacial polymerization, microporous membrane surface in support, with active monomers on interfacial polymerization.

Composite membrane is mainly used in reverse osmosis and gas separation, pervaporation separation process, etc.

With two different types of membrane materials, made with the active surface layer separation function separating layer) and (density porous layer of supporting the composition of membrane.

The film is compound membrane in one or both extremities, with geotextile compound earthwork film. It is a form of a film, a second film. Width 6m, weight is 4-200-1500g/m2, tensile strength, tensile, physical and mechanical performance indexes such high, the product has high strength, good performance, elastic modulus, naisuanjian corrosion resistance, ageing resistance, good performance, seepage control, etc. Can satisfy the water conservancy, municipal, construction, transportation, subway, tunnel, engineering construction, the seepage, the reinforcement, crack-proof reinforcement in civil engineering, etc. Due to its selection process in polymer materials and added prevent ageing agent, it can be used in unconventional temperature environment. Often used for dam seepage of drainage ditches, processing, and waste treatment of prevention.

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