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The future development trend of world ten years the pharmaceutical packaging

Publish Time: 2016-12-27

Brief Info: In the next decade, pharmaceutical packaging business faced the following factors of pressure:

User requirements packaging has additional security and adaptability, to expand and adjustment of the report and document, cost effectiveness than the complexity of the packaging design will be increased. Pressure comes from new end users, legislation and regulations and pharmaceutical industry increasingly fierce competition. In future years, with the pharmaceutical companies began to produce little scope for the drug packaging company, people will have to take corresponding measures, for example, offer a small number of highly packaging systems. Population decline, medical care, finance payment, the change trend of the products will be adjusted in the coming decade of packaging produce uninterrupted. Experts predict that only those who introduce new packing platform, make great efforts to meet the need of packaging industry innovators trend to become the market leader. However, the small company will benefit from the biological products and personalized medicine, they will also welcomed new market opportunities, if can seize the opportunity, small businesses and promising. Multiple factors will be more elderly population of future drugs have an important impact on the packaging. Sports ability damage, muscle strength, eyesight declines, and the series of human body function decline and the aging of the population will directly affect the pharmaceutical packaging design, manufacture. The memory drops, but every day and dosage of drugs, it is the important factors caused medication errors. Packaging design also need to consider the situation. In growing old market, drug packaging industry also must satisfy the requirements of the children. In preventive medicine errors and enhance adaptability, packing must play an important role. Packaging industry is from the government and the private interests of both parties increasing pressure, they are required to improve the packing, in order to reduce medication errors. In November 2000, the us food and drug administration (FDA) put forward a new kind of prescription markers. In 2001, on April 18, the labor, the United States on occupational safety and health bureau (OSHA) amended the blood infectious agents in safety control standards, the needle equipment set up more requirements. In June 2001, NCCMERP (national drug error reporting and prevention coordination commission) recommended in drug use standard code, to reduce the error, improve patient care. Within two years, a series of laws and regulations on drug packaging are put forward new requirements. Biological pharmaceutical packaging and mutual influence function is more obvious. With the increasing number of biologics and international coordination rules will lead to higher standards in all countries to request biologics biological pharmaceutical packaging of adjusting examination also increased. Anyhow, the new rules require more safe drug products, pharmaceutical packaging and protect children more strict requirements and packaging policy, the more complex the drug, such as biological pharmaceutical packaging, packaging products in keeping with the low price, provide innovative product solutions. Future opportunities, the range of 150 million dollars of pharmaceutical packaging industry has presented a historic low growth. But, in the next decade, drugs and they brought the type of packing requirements for packaging market expansion, which provides a new opportunity by new materials include: the containers, improve the adaptability of components and coating, reduce medication errors of packaging system (such as blister packaging), biological medicine packaging solutions, combination diagnostic/drug packaging, etc. In this decade, will produce more global packaging company, the company is able to worldwide in the packaging service to provide low cost, can satisfy the need of biological pharmaceutical packaging.

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